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More than Modules: 

LDC now offers a clear pathway to professional skill building, guaranteed curriculum, scalable implementation, and evidence of impact.

How LDC Works

Use LDC as a Curriculum Alignment System to Address Problems of Practice

Rigor: Ensure that students in all subject areas are working and producing the level of quality needed to be College- and Career-Ready

Instruction: Provide a guaranteed curriculum for students: instruction that is driven by standards and consistent across grade levels and discipline areas

Systems Alignment: Bring harmony to the disparate initiatives at work in every school to set students and educators up for success: curriculum, formative assessment, instructional planning, and delivery that is measurably aligned

Plan Implementation Strategy

Create a real and meaningful frame for the goals:

  • Situate the work within problems of practice
  • Prioritize what teacher competencies and student skills to focus on first. Scaffolding professional learning sets educators up for success.
  • Hit guaranteed curriculum targets by creating a year-long scope and sequence based on existing LDC curricula and/or templates

Peer Review Calibration to National Quality of Standards

The epicenter of LDC’s ensured process and quality is rooted in Peer Review and the employment of vital rubrics created and validated by SBAC advisors, the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE), and field tested in districts in over ten states by the national LDC organization.

LDC's Peer Review system works with the research-validated Curriculum Alignment Rubric and guarantees quality in curriculum. Coach Certification candidates receive guaranteed access to National Peer Review to earn the Task and Ladder Author Badges, access to two additional rounds of National Peer Review, a seat at a Peer Review Training, and access to LDC's Peer Review Calibration System that provides a valid online process for LDC educators to become nationally calibrated using the Curriculum Alignment Rubric in order to earn Certified and Expert Review Badges for Task and Ladder.

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