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A professional learning progression that ensures coach quality and provides a scalable and measurable approach to professional mentorship.

The Role of an LDC Certified Coach

Certified LDC Coaches are endorsed educators who support, guide, and provide feedback that results in measurable impact on teacher skill growth. LDC's professional development infrastructure articulates a clear value-chain from the teaching and learning in the classroom to the quality of district-wide initiatives.

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A Common Language for Improving Instructional Practice and Building a Network of Local Experts

The LDC approach is grounded in teacher standards-driven competencies, organized around four main categories. The core of this mastery and learning happens through a series of LDC's online courses. Coaches not only master the competencies, but they also learn how to give meaningful and actionable feedback to teachers and colleagues.

Coaches support and guide teachers as they learn to raise the rigor and create alignment between curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Using these competencies as a common language and framework for their professional learning journey teachers and coaches pursue mastery in an evidence-based manner that is efficient and measurable. The LDC Certification process allows a district to build a self-sustaining network of local experts who can support and scale the work.


assignments aligned to standards and student learning goals


a quality assignment prompt


a quality instructional plan


outcomes and iterate instruction

Coach Certification Components


  • Level 1 and 2 Course Access
  • Enrollment in Blended Foundations Course
  • Enrollment in the Deep Dive 1 course
  • Enrollment in the Deep Dive 2 course


  • Guaranteed access to one round of National Peer Review to earn Task Author Badge
  • Guaranteed seat at a Peer Review Training
  • Access to two additional rounds of National Peer Review to earn Badges
  • Reduced rate to attend LDC institutes


  • Guaranteed seat at monthly Task Workshop sessions
  • Guaranteed seat at quarterly national virtual Coach Meeting
  • Guaranteed seat at quarterly national virtual Leadership Meeting
  • Evidence-based Badges
  • Upon completion of six badges, the coach will be designated as a Certified LDC Coach
  • Opportunity to earn Expert Coach Badge


  • Access to data analytics regarding coach cohort performance
  • Access to the Coach Learning Report
  • Access to the Teacher Learning Report
  • Access to Curriculum Report