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Measurable impact on teacher skill growth and student outcomes

Why coach certification matters

Good coaches demonstrate their instructional skills and expertise through their work—producing, modeling, and helping teachers implement curriculum.  

Great coaches—LDC Coaches—do more. They demonstrate that their coaching results in improvements in the skills, expertise, and curriculum artifacts of the teachers they support.

At LDC, we certify networks of coaches who empower teachers with an artifact-driven, job-embedded approach to professional development that provides meaningful instructional support and a place for powerful lesson planning and formative data gathering.

How does it work?

Virtual professional learning through LDC LEARN

Evidence-based badges and professional development

Data analytics and progress monitoring performance reporting

Curriculum alignment and peer review

LDC Coach Certification is a year-long journey that begins with a coach institute in your district or state, followed by ongoing professional learning through two online courses that employ best-practice techniques for blended learning and require an authentic application to work with teachers. LDC monitors and provides written feedback on candidates’ work, 1:1 coaching, and uses an evidence-based, quality badging system, awarded once competencies are demonstrated. Our emphasis is on formatively building the complex skill set today’s educators need to be successful.