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Teacher building, NOT teacher proofing

The most important technology investment you can make in any classroom is the teacher

We believe the best professional learning happens when teachers do their day-to-day work with feedback and discussion along the way.

Our online professional learning platform, LDC LEARN, is designed to be used during the school day as part of ongoing collaborative teams or PLCs—reducing reliance on substitutes and workshops. With LDC LEARN, you can rapidly enhance the power of PLCs and see immediate classroom application.

With LDC LEARN, teachers master skills in four instructional competencies that endure beyond a single lesson or school year. Teachers grow their expertise in:

Analyzing assignments for standards and student learning goals

Constructing quality assignment prompts

Developing quality instructional plans

Assessing outcomes and iterating instruction

LDC LEARN isn’t new work. Teachers plan, teach, and evaluate their impact on student growth—repeatedly. We fuel the fundamental work you are doing already.

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