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LDC is a hybrid approach to professional development and curriculum alignment that offers educators an actionable plan for improving students’ ability to read and write complex text with intention and deliberate purpose in every subject.

This valueable learning should happen within the work educators already do.


Students learn to master the Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills needed for College- and Career-Readiness. Get ready to be a Scientist, a Historian, an Engineer, a Writer, or a leader in any field you love the most!

Watch students share, in their own words, their experience with LDC.

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With LDC, teachers elevate daily instruction and ensure every student has the deeper learning skills necessary to engage in a rigorous performance task while working with complex text along with the data to demonstrate progress markers. LDC's new student work rubrics are an excellent example of the deeper learning skills your students will learn.


Coaches empower teachers with an artifact-driven, job-embedded approach to professional development that gives them meaningful instructional support and a plan for powerful lesson planning and formative data gathering.

Coaches use Group Management, a new feature in LDC CoreTools, to create and manage groups of teachers they support, invite teachers to create LDC CoreTools accounts, and generate analytics for any licensed groups they manage, and more!


STRENGTHEN instructional leadership and capacity

INVEST in teachers and strong, sustainable teaching practice

BUILD a standards-based foundation for professional growth and development

USE a measurable, student-centric approach to higher impact teaching and learning

Administrators who implement LDC in their schools are making a sustainable investment in their teaching staff that will minimize teacher turnover and boost professional capacity with data analytics to track and measure progress.

See how it all comes together at this school.

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"LDC has truly been amazing and rewarding for our school system. Teachers are getting more of an opportunity to collaborate and plan lessons together. Connected instruction accross disciplines makes students more engaged and interested in daily instructions."

-Sharon Lair, Associate Superintendent

Jessica Cuthbertson describes how LDC has helped her become a true 21st-century educator.

In this Getting Smart podcast, Michael Corneau discusses how his school became an "LDC school," and the importance of principals supporting teachers as curriculum designers.

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