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National Literacy Project

Grounded in research and best practice, the goal of the National Literacy Project (NLP) is to improve the reading and writing success of elementary, middle, and high school students. NLP School Partners work with schools and districts to develop literacy leadership that leads to the systematic implementation of literacy action plans designed specifically to meet the needs of their students.


How the National Literacy Project Supports Implementation of LDC CoreTools

NLP has established a regional network and supports LDC implementation through work at the district and individual school levels. An NLP School Partner works with writing teams to develop new modules and implement existing modules. The Partner also helps teams examine student work and use a jurying protocol to revise and refine modules for publication. 

To further LDC implementation, NLP offers intensive workshops for new writing teams as they learn the LDC Framework and create modules for implementation. During the implementation phase, NLP provides on-site and virtual support to ensure fidelity of implementation.


Experience with LDC

The National Literacy Project established the Florida Academic Literacy Network (FALN) in 2012 to provide a vehicle of support for districts, regional consortia, and individual schools implementing the LDC Framework in four Florida school districts (Brevard, Lake, Pasco, and Wakulla) and one consortium (North East Florida Educational Consortium).

Educators from these districts, designated as Cohort 1, have created and implemented 39 LDC modules to over 7000 students. In addition, all five districts have written plans to scale up the LDC project by adding teachers and grade levels. The project design for the next two years includes providing support for Cohort 1 scale-up plans and establishing a new group of five districts as Cohort 2 LDC participants. In addition, FALN collaborates closely with Hillsborough County Public Schools, now in the fourth year of LDC implementation across all schools and several grade levels.


NLP News

Transforming Teacher Practice and Student Learning
A collaborative effort of the National Literacy Project (NLP), Seminole County (FL) Public Schools, and the National Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)

Three-Day Workshop: November 4, 5, and 6, 2015 in Orlando, Florida
This workshop is designed for teachers, district and school administrators, instructional literacy coaches, and all who work with students to prepare them to meet career and college readiness standards.

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Read how FALN educators spent their summer vacation collaborating to produce 137 new LDC modules.

Learn about Wall-to-Wall LDC at Stevenson Elementary School in Brevard County, Florida, where principal Michael Corneau has been on a mission to transform his school into one where “LDC is a philosophy.”

Read about the experience of educators from Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Arkansas who gathered in Orlando for Transforming Teacher Practice and Student Learning, a three-day workshop and introduction to LDC.


Contact National Literacy Project

To learn how National Literacy Project can support your LDC implementation, contact:
Judith Irvin, Executive Director

National Literacy Project
1400 Village Square Blvd.
Suite 3-227
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